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Laboratory of Sequence Analysis

Laboratory of Sequence Analysis

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Professor: Satoru Miyano
Associate Professor: Tetsuo Shibuya
Lecturer: Rui Yamaguchi

Research activities

In order to understand the biological system from the genome and to develop medical and other practical applications, it is necessary to perform an integrated analysis of genes and proteins and also chemical substances and their reactions. The Laboratory of Sequence Analysis aims at developing algorithms and software for analyzing large-scale data in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and glycomics. Here the meaning of "sequence" is taken broadly including nucleotide sequences of DNAs and RNAs, amino acid sequences of proteins, carbohydrate sequences of glycans, and even atomic connection patterns of chemical compound structures. We are currently developing computational technologies for chemical genomics, such as graph-based methods for analyzing chemical compounds and reactions, tree-based methods for analyzing glycan structures, and the database and analytical methods for active peptides synthesized both in the ribosome and non-ribosome systems.


TEL: 03-5449-5611
FAX: 03-5449-5434

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