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Commencement of fees for supercomputer use in Fiscal 2011

Commencement of fees for supercomputer use in Fiscal 2011
April 18, 2011

To all users,

We are very sorry for the victims of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and pray that the disaster-stricken areas will recover as soon as possible.

As applications for data transfer and renewal could not be submitted by March 28,owing to the effects of the disaster, this center had decided not to bill the service fee to those using the services in April 2011. However, the initially planned charged services will start from May.

Users who applied for annual lump sum payment will be billed the monthly fee for 11 months.

Users who applied for monthly payment will be billed from May onwards.

As notified previously, we plan to continue the ongoing electricity-saving operation for the periods with high power demands during the day on weekdays through this fiscal year. Thus, the maximum shared queue resources that can be used for job execution will remain small during the day.

In addition to the electricity-saving operation during the day on weekdays, we have started operation of a shared nighttime queue (included in sjobs.q) and a shared holiday queue (included in mjobs.q) that suit the electric power supply conditions in areas supplied by Tokyo Electric Power Company. The resources are available normally for the periods when these queues can be executed. We recommend the active planning of job schedules to use these queues.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.Please understand the circumstances and cooperate with us by designing jobs that can be executed at night or on holidays.

・Shared nighttime queue (included in sjobs.q)
8 hours from 10 o’clock at night to 6 o’clock the following morning from Monday through Thursday
・Shared holiday queue (included in mjobs.q)
48 of the 56 hours from 10 o’clock on Friday night to 6 o’clock on Monday morning

Furthermore, shared queue operation may change depending on the supply from Tokyo Electric Power Company (especially in summer) and the power utilization regulations of this University. We will issue notifications as necessary in that case.

If you have questions, please contact

Human Genome Center
Supercomputer Room

Tel (Extension): 75620
(Outside): 03-5449-5620


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