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Tutorial about the statistical language R


January 11, 2013

We will give a training course, "Short introduction to the statistical
language R" in the following way:

10:00 - 18:00 February 14, 2013
10:00 - 18:00 February 15, 2013
* This course is a two-day course, so you can not attend just one day.

Place: Human Genome Center, 4F Seminar Room

Lecturer: Carsten O. Daub, PhD
Deputy Project Director, LSA System Development Group
Omics Science Center (OSC)
RIKEN Yokohama Institute

Target: all people who want to use R in their own research

Contents: introduction to the statistical language R
(lecture and practice)

* This course will be given in English.

The freely available statistical language R gained a lot of popularity in
the scientific community over the last years.
R provides a wide range of functionalities from graphical visualization
over basic and advanced statistical techniques to being the framework of a
high level statistical programming language.

This two day course gives a basic introduction into the freely available
and frequently used statistical language R. Basic statistical concepts are
briefly reviewed with the focus on the application of these concepts.
The course is conducted with a strong practical 'hands-on' component where
the students carry out the discussed exercises during the course.
The main goal of this course is to enable the students to immediately
employ the acquired knowledge for their research.

For Application, please fill the following form and send it by E-mail by
17:00 P.M. February 13.
This course has a limit of 35 participants because of the number of
personal computers we have. Our personal computers are MacBook.

If you wish to use your own personal computer in the course,
you have to install the statistical language R in advance.
After installation of R, please install a package.
> install.packages("gplots")
> source("")
> biocLite("edgeR")
In addition, you will need to agree to the Terms of Use of the network of
Human Genome Center.

You may add your specific requests, if any.



I would like to attend the course on Feb 14 and 15.

Proposals or requests:

*** Please answer the following questionnaire ***

* Experience in using UNIX/Linux ( )
Please choose one from "a" to "d".
a. I know UNIX/Linux and can use its basic commands. (ls, cd, export,
b. I have heard of UNIX/Linux but cannot use its basic commands well.
c. I have not used UNIX/Linux but want to use it in the future.
d. I have not used UNIX/Linux nor will use it in the future.

* Experience in using R ( )
Please choose any from "a" to "d" (multiple answers are allowed)
a. I have used R on UNIX/Linux.
b. I have used R on Windows.
c. I have used R on Mac.
d. I have not used R at all.


Recommended literature:
1. The R website and their manuals and tutorials,
2. Michel J. Crawley, Statistics: An Introduction using R, Wiley
3. Peter Dalgaard, Introductory Statistics with R, Springer

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